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Wildlife and Bat Defense

Wildlife and Bat Prevention in McDonough, GA

Are pests nesting in your attic? Call AllStar Insulation for our trustworthy wildlife and bat prevention services in McDonough, GA.

Wildlife and Bat Prevention in McDonough, GA

Wildlife and bat prevention are key elements of McDonough insulation services because pests like bats, rodents, and insects can destroy your insulation. AllStar Insulation has over ten years of experience cleaning and replacing pest-infested and destroyed insulation. If your home or business is a prime target for unwelcome critters, we can help you keep them out.

If your home or business has no exclusion devices that seal up possible entrances for pests, then your insulation could be at risk. If you haven’t checked on your insulation lately, there are other signs pests have invaded your home or business.

  • Mysteriously appearing animal droppings, likely near food your food.
  • Foul smells from unusual, out-of-the-way places.
  • Teeth marks on packaging, wiring, or frames
  • Random, odd sounds behind your walls, in the ceiling, or beneath the floor.

Is your place of business uncomfortably warm or cold with high energy bills? Call us for commercial insulation service to inspect your building’s insulation to identify and resolve any problems.

The Damage Bats and Other Pests Do to Your Insulation in McDonough, GA

Your bat problem begins when the bats leave their droppings in your insulation. The weight of their excretions builds up and warps the insulation, which creates gaps for air to pass, lowering your home's energy efficiency. Once bats have left their excretions in your insulation, you can't remove them, necessitating a total replacement of the affected insulation. 

Some insects, such as termites, dig tunnels through your insulation to build nests. Rodents love fiberglass insulation and chew through it, scattering pieces everywhere. Rodents, insects, or bats in your home or business damage insulation, resulting in high energy bills, uneven temperature, and low air quality.

Superior Wildlife and Bat Prevention Service in McDonough, GA

AllStar Insulation offers a customer satisfaction guarantee for our wildlife and bat prevention service. We don't consider the job done until you're satisfied. Wildlife control authorities must remove pests, but our spray foam insulation keeps them from returning by filling the gaps they enter through. Spray foam is also too tough for insects or rodents to chew through, giving your insulation further protection if any critters do manage to sneak inside.

If you want a more efficient form of insulation for your home or business, ask us about our spray foam insulation service!

AllStar Insulation Gets the Job Done Right the First Time

AllStar Insulation offers free in-home audits and estimates to help you determine if you’ve got a pest problem. Our wildlife and bat prevention services give you one less thing to worry about regarding the effectiveness of your insulation. Whether installing our spray foam or other preventative measures, we can help you keep any unwelcome animals out of your insulation. 

Call 770-231-4417 for AllStar Insulation’s wildlife and bat prevention services in McDonough, GA, to get any pesky pest problems under control.

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