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Wall and Floor Insulation Services in McDonough, GA

If you want the best wall and floor insulation services in McDonough, GA, call AllStar Insulation for a free in-home audit and estimate.

Wall and floor insulation keeps your home or business in McDonough warm during winter and cool during summer. With a free in-home audit and estimate by the pros at AllStar Insulation, you’ll find out how well your wall and floor insulation is doing its job. If your home or business is drafty, we’ll provide the insulation solutions.

Insulation installed incorrectly becomes an expensive problem if left unaddressed. You need to have your wall and floor insulation inspected if your home or business has:

  • High Energy Bills: Poor insulation forces your AC to struggle to regulate temperature.
  • Uneven Temperatures: Poor insulation lets heat escape during winter and lets hot air in during summer.
  • Poor Air Quality: Old fiberglass insulation degrades, creating dust that spreads through the building.
  • Drafts: Prevent leaks and drafts with our spray foam and injection insulation.
  • Pest Problems: Wildlife and bats can get into your home without insulation to seal holes.

Your attic is one of the most important places to insulate correctly in your home. Our attic insulation service ensures your attic is well insulated to keep your home comfortable.

The Benefits of Proper Wall and Floor Insulation in McDonough, GA

Wall and floor insulation is critical for your business or home’s energy consumption. Proper insulation helps your air conditioning unit work more efficiently as it cools or warms the building, saving you money. Consistent temperatures also increase the comfort of the occupants of your home or business.

Insulation needs to be thick to stabilize the temperatures of your home or business. As a result, it also muffles sounds from outside or even from another room. Proper wall and floor insulation helps create a quiet, peaceful environment in commercial and residential buildings.

Spray Foam Wall and Floor Insulation in McDonough, GA

AllStar Insulation specializes in spray foam insulation, the most efficient insulation for temperature regulation and noise reduction. Batt insulation is common, but because it’s fiberglass-based, it’s prone to quicker deterioration. Our spray foam insulation comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee for the efficiency and longevity of your wall and floor insulation.

A crawl space is a difficult but vital area to insulate. Our crawl space insulation services ensure that your crawl space isn’t causing any problems for your home because of poor insulation.

AllStar Insulation: McDonough Wall and Floor Insulation You Can Count On

AllStar Insulation has over ten years of experience installing wall and floor insulation. Proper insulation saves you money, and we strive to help you achieve those savings while making your home or business more comfortable and energy efficient. We’re fully licensed, insured, and dedicated to serving the people of McDonough, GA.

If you need a trustworthy wall and floor insulation contractor in McDonough, GA, call AllStar Insulation at 770-231-4417 to schedule your in-home insulation audit.

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