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Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation in McDonough, GA

Contact AllStar Insulation for the best attic insulation services in McDonough, GA, and book a free in-home estimate.

Attic Insulation in McDonough, GA

Poor insulation in your attic can cause your home to be too hot, too cold, and energy inefficient. AllStar Insulation has over ten years of experience providing attic insulation services in McDonough, GA. With our customer satisfaction guarantee, if poor insulation is causing problems in your home, we'll bring the solution.

Here are some signs that you need one of our free in-home audits and estimates to identify any problems with your attic insulation:

  • Too Hot or Too Cold: Poor insulation allows heat to either escape or infiltrate your home.
  • Expensive Monthly Bills: Inadequate insulation lowers your AC unit's efficiency, raising your energy bills.
  • Noise Pollution: Deteriorating insulation may let unwanted sounds into your home.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality: Old insulation lets dust spread throughout your home.
  • You're Selling Your Home: New insulation increases property value and home asking prices.

Are you looking to upgrade your insulation? Our spray foam insulation services provide more efficient insulation that expands to fill those hard-to-reach places.

Why Your Attic Needs Excellent Insulation in McDonough, GA

The purpose of insulation is to keep heat where it is, whether indoors in a cold climate or outdoors in a warm climate. If poor insulation lets heat in or out of your home, the strain on your AC to compensate increases your home's carbon footprint.

AllStar Insulation's attic services help the environment and your wallet by installing proper insulation in your attic. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we'll save you money both with our affordable prices and on your energy bill once we've replaced your insulation.

How AllStar Insulation Can Help You in McDonough, GA

Building codes are crucial to any home improvement project, and AllStar Insulation ensures that your attic insulation has the proper R-value recommended by the state of Georgia. Older attics sometimes don't have roof insulation, and your home relies on the insulation in the attic's floor. We use spray foam to insert insulation into the floor joists, creating a vapor barrier to protect the insulation from moisture.

AllStar Insulation specializes in spray foam, which is more effective and efficient than alternatives such as batt or loose fill insulation. Spray foam is highly versatile, meaning we can inject it into the tiniest nooks and crannies. Spray foam expands to form a seal without damaging its surroundings.

Are your business's energy bills too high? Our commercial insulation services replace your building's insulation to increase energy efficiency and lower your monthly bills.

Why You Should Choose AllStar Insulation in McDonough, GA

At AllStar Insulation, we pride ourselves on saving your home energy and money. High-quality insulation in your attic is vital to your home, and our state-of-the-art spray foam insulation works in homes of any age. There's no home in McDonough, GA, that we can't improve with our customer satisfaction guaranteed attic insulation services. 

If you live in McDonough, GA, call AllStar Insulation at 770-231-4417 for attic insulation services you can depend on!

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